Our Story

Once Upon A Time there was a magical land called Planting Fields Arboretum located in Oyster Bay, New York. It was the start of summer 2009 and Rachel had just started her horticulture internship at the arboretum. After work during her first week one of her fellow interns (who had done the same internship the previous summer) decided to call one of his friends (who had also done the same internship the year before) to hang out with all the new interns. An hour or so later, Chris arrives at the arboretum and is introduced to Rachel. After spending some time getting to know each other over the summer, Rachel and Chris became really good friends and would talk all the time, even when she was away at school.

Over the course of their friendship both Rachel and Chris had developed feelings for each other. The following April, Chris asked Rachel to be his girlfriend and they have been together ever since.

Fast forward to April 2016, Rachel and Chris had just celebrated their 6 year anniversary. Chris suggested taking a trip to Planting Fields to walk around on a beautiful spring day. On their walk they stopped in front of Rachel's favorite tree (Acer griseum - Paperbark Maple). After Rachel was done looking at the tree for a bit, she turned around and there was Chris down on one knee. He asked Rachel to marry him. She said "Are you serious?" and then "Yes, of course."